26 September 2009

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With the Irish commitment out-of-the-way my thoughts have begun towards the lectures in China and wondering how well I will manage even with the good doctor’s support – certainly, there will be no liquid lunches on those three days!

I suppose I started thinking about this as I sat, in a deckchair, in the warm sunshine, on the most beautiful of early autumn days. Alice had popped up to the shops and I needed to go to the bathroom. It took me the best part of five-minutes to get out of the deckchair – indeed, at one stage I almost gave up and waited for her to return. It was then I realised how weak my arms had become.

This lead me to thinking how, when I was having my shower this morning, I realised that it was becoming increasingly difficult to hold and manipulate the long handled sponge.

I told my lovely, as she dried me, that I would try to hang on until I got back from China, by which time I was pretty sure that she would have to wash me and even perhaps operate my electric razor and toothbrush. Good evidence of the weakening of my arms is that once the wrist support is attached to my right hand it becomes too heavy for me to lift without assistance from the other hand.

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